Save the date!

It’s time again:

The International Conference on Knowledge Management
and Knowledge Technologies “i-KNOW 2013“ is taking place
from September 4-6 in Graz, Austria.

As in previous years i-KNOW will offer its participants a unique
platform either to present latest and leading edge developments or to
catch up with the developments of most innovative IT technologies,
content applications, knowledge management trends and emerging market opportunities.

Since last year’s exciting event we have come up with a number of
innovative new tracks and sessions:

  • Outstanding industry experts from Skype, Google, INRC and BBC followed our invitation for giving keynotes at i-KNOW 2013.
  • Again i-Know will feature three industry-specific tracks discussing the role of knowledge management within the health industry (SMART Health), the automotive & rail production processes (SMART Mobility) and intelligent energy networks (SMART Grid).
  • For the first time we feature the “EU-DAY” with the aim to promote the exchange of EU-networks by connecting them regionally and thematically.
  • I-Know 2013 will also feature scientific tracks centering around the 4 topics Knowledge & Data Analytics, Social & Mobile Computing, Science 2.0 and Knowledge Management in Industry and Science.
  • More than 30 high-quality research talks within the i-Know and i-Semantic scientific tracks.
  • More than 20 iPraxis application-oriented presentations by leading companies.
  • A large demonstration & poster session, including the “Best Demo Award”, “Best Paper Awards”.

Please keep in mind the deadline for the early bird registration
until July 31!

We look forward to welcoming you to i-Know 2013 in September!

Best regards,
Stefanie Lindstaedt, Michael Granitzer
and the i-KNOW team!

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