Industry specific Tracks

Please note that all presentations within the i-Praxis Track are in German only.

The industry-relevant tracks of i-Know are organized around the topics trend-setting industries. The various workshops provide a meeting place for scientists and practitioners to discuss challenges arising in current applications of knowledge technologies in the respective branch, and to feed given requirements from the underlying applications to the research community so that research projects can base on realistic assumptions. Additionally, the tracks are an information source about recent results in the research active community.
This year following tracks will be organized:

  • Smart-health, dealing with the hot topics of knowledge management applications in the health sector
  • Smart-mobility, focusing on the challenges within the production and design of vehicles and the data generated by a mobile society
  • Smart-grid, which will tackle the next generation intelligent energy network involving advanced data analysis and visualization technologies and
  • Smart-region, which is dedicated to highlighting the strength of ICT research in the Alpe-Adria region and increasing the dissemination skills of the participants.
  • PWM-Wissenstag, focusing on the „Social Enterprise“.