Welcome to i-KNOW 2013

I-KNOW is a top-tier international conference in the areas of knowledge management and knowledge computing. Since 2001, i-KNOW has developed into the crystallization point for different disciplines of knowledge computing, such as knowledge discovery, knowledge analysis, knowledge visualization, social computing, mobile computing, context-aware computing, etc.

i-KNOW has successfully brought together World´s leading researchers and developers from these communities to present and discuss their approaches and explore novel ways of integrating them. This multitude of approaches, all applied to the management of knowledge, accounts for the highly innovative atmosphere of this conference. i-KNOW annually attracts over 500 international attendees with an attractive program and excellent keynotes.

In order to foster synergies among the research fields of knowledge discovery, social computing, and semantic technologies the I-KNOW Conference will be held together with the I-SEMANTICS Conference.

We are very proud to present our outstanding keynote speakers for 2013

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